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Suzanne Damphouse

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Authorized Court Transcriptionist
Court Reporter
Act Id #2535892253

Central West Region - St. Catharines

HOME COURT:  St. Catharines
TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES:  St. Catharines, Cayuga, Welland, Fort Erie

Suzanne has worked for the Provincial Government on two separate occasions.   Her tenure with the Government encapsulated the years from 1971-1978 at the Master's Office, Osgoode Hall as a Junior Secretary and relieving secretary for the Chief Justice of Ontario, Sheriff's Officer, as well as being Certified as a Court Reporter in Windsor from 1978 to 1980.  Suzanne has a good working knowledge of the court system as she has had varied experiences within the Ministry.

Suzanne came back to the Government in January of 1998 and picked up where she left off many years prior, as a court reporter/clerk of the court.  Her experience in court reporting encompasses the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court, Family Court, Small Claims, Assignment and Bail Courts.  She has been conducting Discoveries, as both a clerk and reporter, as well as Preliminary Inquiries and trials. 

Suzanne has  very good  work ethics and works well with all levels of the bench, bar and co-workers.  As well Suzanne takes great pride in ensuring the accuracy of her transcripts and ensuring that all deadlines are met in a timely fashion.  Part of her reporting functions has been to mentor new reporters and to ensure that they become well aware of what the expectations are for the career that they have chosen. 


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