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Heather Marceau

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Authorized Court Transcriptionist
Court Reporter

Act Id #9821537959

Central West Region - Welland

HOME COURT: Welland 
REPORTING LOCATIONS:  Welland, St. Catharines
TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES:  Welland, St. Catharines

Heather began court reporting in 1979 at the Office of the Special Examiner in St. Catharines, Ontario.

From 1985 to present she has been employed by the Ministry of the Attorney General  (Court Services Division) working primarily at the Welland Courthouse as a Certified Verbatim Court Reporter and Court Transcriptionist. 

Heather was confirmed as a trainer by the Ministry of the Attorney General (Court Services Division) in   November 2000  and since that time has conducted numerous workshops relating to court reporting and transcript production as well as having trained and mentored over two dozen new court reporters.   Heather continues to train and mentor new court reporters to the present time.

Heather is very experienced in the production of transcripts from all levels of the Ontario Courts, including the preparation and certification of numerous individual transcripts in excess of 5,000 pages relating to lengthy trial matters appealed to the Court of Appeal.  The production of these transcripts has always been in compliance with the timeline requirements as dictated by the Rules.

Certified Verbatim Court Reporter (Court Reporter 2) - Ministry of the Attorney General
Certified Court Reporter (Court Reporter 1) - Ministry of the Attorney General
Certified Court Reporter - Court Reporters' Association of Ontario
Certified Court Transcriptionist - Ministry of the Attorney General


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