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for Fort Erie, St. Catharines & Welland

Peter Kreutzer


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Authorized Court Transcriptionist
Court Reporter
Act Id #1287916919

Central West Region- St. Catharines

Notice - New Transcript Order Form: A new Transcript Order Form is now available for Microsoft (MS) Office 2010 users in .docx format. The new form provides additional order details and it can be auto-uploaded to the Records Management System by court staff at the courthouse. Using the new order form will support increased accuracy and efficiency in the processing of your order. For individuals whose computers are not compatible with MS Office 2010 or newer, the original version of the order form continues to be available in .doc format for manual processing by the recording management staff at the courthouse.


To order directly from Peter, first open, fill out and save one of the word files below. Do not close your browser.

When completed, please close Word then upload your saved document and fill out the form below. Click submit and she will contact you to confirm.


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Peter's .docx 2010 Order form

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Peter's .doc 2003 Compatible Order Form

CLD Transcript Order of a Preliminary Hearing - Committed to Stand Trial in SCJ form. This order form must be used only for Provincial Crown Attorney

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